Katherine is a cultural innovator with a life long dedication to social justice. With 20 years experience in women’s leadership, empowerment programming, group facilitation and experiential learning, she uses an interactive and engaging approach to facilitate relevant connections within local, bio-regional and global contexts. She is a motivational speaker on topics of inclusion & diversity, millennial mindset, women’s empowerment and transformational leadership.


By the year 2020 Millenials will comprise more than 30% of adults in the US. By 2025 they will make up as much as 75% of the US workforce (Pew Research Center). Understanding Millenials is critical to effective leadership and community building in the 21st century. Watch this short video to learn more about Katherine’s presentation on Millennial Mindset.



There is invaluable knowledge in a place. Having a sense of history and personal relationship to place results in response-ability and empathy. 


Exploring the intersectionality of culture, systems, citizenship and personal artistic craft brings contextual and nuanced thinking.


Experiential learning involves simulations, games, group dialogue and breakout sessions to support holistic and embodied learning.