Katherine is an inclusion strategist with a life long dedication to creating positive change. With 10+ years experience in women’s leadership, empowerment programming, group facilitation, systems design and experiential learning, she uses an interactive and engaging approach to facilitate relevant connections within local, bio-regional and global contexts. She is a motivational speaker on topics of inclusion, diversity, identity, community, bias, millennial mindset and women’s issues.


There is invaluable knowledge in a place. Having a sense of history and personal relationship to place results in response-ability and empathy. 


Exploring the intersectionality of culture, systems, citizenship and personal artistic craft brings contextual and nuanced thinking.


Hands on learning using simulations, games, socratic seminar and field projects enables holistic and embodied learning experiences. 

Katherine is an engaged teacher, colleague, and mentor, who remains in all that she does an ever present learner herself in all senses of the word. Her work as teacher is marked by a deep sense of curiosity and commitment to communities and the many cultures that infuse them. She designs learning experiences for her students that cultivate in them their sense of responsibility, accountability, and involvement in their cultures. Katherine is committed to justice work and has served as the chair of the College’s Inclusivity and Diversity Committee, an integral component of the College’s work to strengthen diversity and inclusion.

For example, she introduced critical service learning projects in her first-year course for Visual Arts Foundations, which drew students into the community to work with and for partners through their art making. Learning such as this makes clear the immediate impact students can have in the communities in which they live and learn. It also makes apparent the interconnected qualities of arts, education, and community.
— Star Hang Nga Rush, Interim Provost & VP of Academic Affairs, Cornish College of the Arts
Katherine thinks independently but can work effectively as part of a team. A natural teacher, she touched the lives of children in village schools each time she became engaged in her work. She is motivated to continue to make a difference in the world. Her integrity, drive, and substantial capacities have earned my full support. I recommend her most highly.
— Ted Hope, Founder, Institute For Village Studies
You bring a positive attitude and a strong commitment to our collaborative working environment. You fit very well into the department’s collegial culture. You are a very dedicated educator and citizen activist. You embody the mission statement of the college by being an artist, citizen and innovator.
— Jeff Brice, Design Department Chair, Cornish College of the Arts