Katherine engages community as a Creative, a relationship builder and a restorative justice ally.  She offers her identity as an artist and her ethnic heritage as indigenous Sami of northern Scandinavia to activate her work with three core values: Compassion, Creativity, Collaboration. As a licensed Right-Brain Business Plan Facilitator, Katherine coaches businesses with simple strategies to turn creative ideas into profitable endeavors. She leads a monthly professional development group: Creative Cohort, which helps creatives, artists and innovators to find their voice in business.


Creating safe space requires careful attention to cause and effect. Providing an objective outside eye brings the group to a place of wonder. From this place, divergence and healing are made possible, igniting intuition and innovation.

engaged citizenship

Critical service learning and community engagement projects involve local non-profit organizations such as 350 Seattle, Youth CareRecovery Cafe, Beacon Food Forest, Books To Prisoners, Eureka Institute and The Boys and Girls Club

diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is a critical component to creating thriving and inclusive communities. Only when the needs of those who are most vulnerable become necessarily highlighted, can they be advocated for in a relevant and self-determined way.

Katie’s grace, intelligence, and genuinely caring warmth adds greatly to the collective healing experience, and her collaborative nature reflects her professionalism. If you are ever so fortunate to have Katherine at your event, success is assured!
— Sada Simran Khalsa, Director, Guru Gayatri Yoga & Meditation Center
Katherine just with her presence, brings beauty, magic, inspiration and healing. Our ongoing collaboration started in 2010 and has birthed a variety of transformative gatherings in a beautiful and effortless way. Because she is a keen observer, she knows how to read the moment. This allows her to understand what is needed and to jump into the flow with an exquisite agility and charisma. Through her healing arts she creates a vibrancy of well-being and ignites conversations - circles to deepen a sense of belonging.
— Cossetta Romani, Shamanic healer, sacred space holder, yoga/dance/meditation teacher, poet
Passionate. Knowledgeable. Transformative. I highly recommend Katherine!
— Jean Briese, Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker