Katherine Greenland, Northwest Yoga Feast


Katherine is a cultural innovator and systems thinker. She is experienced in nonprofit management, program design, grant writing, public relations and event coordination. Her clients include community colleges, universities, nonprofits, corporations, small businesses and municipalities. Disparate groups tasked with working together often miss the mark on key business goals because they have different agendas, success measurements, operational processes and outcome timelines.  Katherine brings cross-constituency teams together with synergistic solutions so that all stakeholders’ goals and objectives are met.


Building connectivity across constituencies results in strong alliances and positive change. Toggling from macro to micro requires the ability to synthesize multiple variables and maximize systems in order to achieve goals and objectives. 


Program development requires a contextual and nuanced understanding of how to design systems and processes that others can benefit from. From critical service learning to curriculum design, the focus is grassroots and self-identified. 

Katherine took six of my students to Rome, Italy for an 8-day Model United Nations conference. She had to deal with a number of stressful situations, including: lost luggage, in-country hotel negotiations, student culture shock, and one student having an expired passport. Notably, Katherine managed each of these stressors with grace and goodwill. Katherine also served as a liaison between the college and the National Model United Nations organization while she was oversees.

Our students performed extremely well at the conference, winning several awards, including a Distinguished Delegation Award. I was impressed with Katherine’s leadership before, during, and after the conference, and the students all spoke very highly of Katherine upon their return. I would hire her again for this kind of project in a heartbeat.
— Tim Jones, Chair of Political Science & International Studies, Bellevue College
Her sense of dedication, responsibility, hard work and genuine care has been extremely appreciated.
— Charles Yancy, Director, School of Travel, Thailand

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