At Greenland Consulting, it is our mission is to create synergistic solutions for a world in transition by building strategic connectivity between people, organizations and ideas to maximize positive social impact. 



Katherine Greenland is a cultural innovator and inclusion strategist with over 20 years experience in the nonprofit sector as an educator, speaker, team builder and adviser. Katherine speaks publicly on topics of inclusion and diversity, millennial mindset, women’s empowerment and transformational leadership.

She holds a BA in Sociology/Cross-Cultural Communication from The Evergreen State College, an interdisciplinary MA in Education from Antioch University, a graduate certificate in Education, Environment & Community from The University of Washington and a certificate in The Age of Sustainable Development from Columbia University. Currently she is pursuing a PhD in Leadership at Gonzaga University.

Katherine is a formally trained dancer, actor and musician including 18 years of experience as a vocalist, didjeridoo player, yoga/ meditation practitioner and Sami drummer. She has lived and worked for months at a time in Thailand, Guam, Costa Rica, Mexico and Belize. She is an AmeriCorps Award Recipient for her work with Seattle Public Schools.

Katherine left her job as college professor to dedicate herself full time to activating organizations and empowering communities. Drawing on her background in the arts, education, leadership and international experience, she coaches organizations to reach their goals for social justice, engaged citizenship and community resiliency.